We are Roadhouse.

A new photography initiative in Gauteng will follow the international trend of bringing the works of great and emergent photographers to public spaces.

NIGHT by ROADHOUSE is the next in a series of outdoor photography exhibitions that happen at South African road houses with the intention of bringing the best of new, local and international photography to a wide non gallery-going audience.

Roadhouse is not for profit. The great thing about our exhibitions is that attendance is free, art is shown and the road house venues we choose are a unique aspect of a fading social culture.

Our next event 26 August 2017, 6pm till late will include a selection of photographs and videos from South Africa, Switzerland, Italy and the UK acompanied by local dj’s.

Titled NIGHT (all works are photographed at night), it is due to take place at the Doll House on Louis Botha in Jo’burg. The point is, this veteran food and hangout venue is closing so we at the ROADHOUSE initiative are hosting the closing bash, one that hopefully will be remembered for years to come.

We only use high-end audiovisual equipment for our events. Doll House will be serving up food and drinks the whole night long accompanied by a mini market. Security will be right and tight.